SOLD OUT - WAYNE HENDERSON'S JAZZ CRUSADERS!, Support: The Ronnie Scotts All Stars

Wednesday 16th October 2013 - Saturday 19th October 2013
Dates: Wednesday 16th October - Saturday 19th October Ticket Prices: £25.00 - £45.00
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Wednesday 16th October 2013
- Saturday 19th October 2013

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Ticket Prices:

£25.00 - £45.00


WAYNE HENDERSON'S JAZZ CRUSADERS! Support: The Ronnie Scotts All Stars

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WAYNE HENDERSON'S JAZZ CRUSADERS! Support: The Ronnie Scotts All Stars

Booking now closed, a few tickets still left on the door.

WAYNE HENDERSON – trombone, PAUL RUSSO – tenor sax, BRIAN PRICE – guitar, BILL STEINWAY – piano/keyboards, DERRICK MURDOCK – bass, ANTHONY MOORE – drums

Multi-instrumentalist producer/composer Wayne Henderson is one of contemporary jazz’s greatest stars. He enjoyed a series of world-wide hits including the worldwide smash ‘Street Life’, alongside his childhood buddies Wilton Felder, Joe Sample, and Nesbert "Stix"¨ Hooper as the legendary Jazz Crusaders.

By fusing elements of jazz, funk, soul, R&B, rock, Latin, and gospel, an iridescent sound emerged with such impact that a musical revolution was unearthed.

Celebrating over fifty years of the Crusaders sound expect funky jazz, jazzy funk and soulful grooves a plenty as the great trombonist and his latest ace troop of musical stars light up the Ronnie’s stage with the latest chapter of their crusade!



PAUL RUSSO – tenor sax

BRIAN PRICE – guitar

BILL STEINWAY – piano/keyboards



From his formative years in the Lone Star Republic (Texas) to his present international recording artist status, multi-instrumentalist and producer/composer  Wayne Henderson is identified by his ebullient persona and scintillating trombone style. Without sounding rhapsodic, we're  also compelled to emphasize that Henderson's effervescence,  combined  with  the  legendary  Jazz Crusaders many  smash  hit-recordings,  is  in  large  part responsible for the cosmic success of these musical stalwarts since the group'sinception in 1961.

More than forty-years ago, Wayne Henderson, along with childhood  buddies Wilton Felder, Joe Sample, and Nesbert "Stix" Hooper, formed the nucleus of the Jazz Crusaders/Crusaders. As a fledging, attending Houston's Phyllis Wheatley Jr. High School,  the precocious Henderson  took the lead in sculpting  the group's dazzling style into one that was ground breaking, with considerable eclectic overtones. By fusing elements of jazz, funk, soul, R&B, rock, Latin, and gospel, an iridescent sound emerged with such impact that a musical revolution was unearthed. As the quartet's cornerstone, Henderson's objective was to accentuate the straight-ahead  (often restrained) jazz sound with other musical styles that, ironically, are the offspring of generic, or classic jazz. As a result  of  exposure   to  all  of  the  above-mentioned   forms   while  growing  up,  Henderson's  transcendent appreciation for all musical elements compels him to subconsciously or otherwise express those nuances in live performances and on recordings.

Back in the day, when Henderson first conceived of the name Jazz Crusaders and the idea of forming a band, the group  filtered  through  a number  of musicians,  including  the first  pianist  for the group,  James  ''Sonny" Reason, followed  by keyboardist  Alvis Harvey, Flutist Hubert Laws, and La La Wilson on bass. Along with saxophonist  Felder and drummer Hooper, Sample was later added to the mix as pianist. The group eventually became known as the Black Board Jungle Kids, Swingsters,  Modem Jazz Sextet, and Nite Hawks; then came the  designation   invented  by  Henderson  and  the  name  of  choice,  Jazz Crusaders - under  which  they proceeded to record a number of projects for World Pacific Jazz (their first label), including their first and the ever popular Freedom Sound album. Their second album, which enjoyed widespread success, is uniquely titled Looking Ahead. The group went on to record for Blue Thumb, ABC, and GRP labels in the 60s and 70s.


It was in 1975 that Wayne ("Big Daddy" as he is sometimes called) Henderson went on hiatus from the group and augmented  his career by producing and recording  with other  notable acts: Patti Austin, Jean Carne, Bill Withers, Ronnie Laws, Ramsey Lewis, Steely Dan, Bobby Lyle, Everette Harp, Phillip  Ingram, Nathan East, Lenny Williams, Rebbie Jackson, Marvin Gaye, B.B. King, the Jackson Five, Hiroshima, Hugh Masekela, Joni Mitchell, Wilton Felder, and Tina Turner, to mention a few. Some of these artists appear on Wayne's  newest album, which we will talk about in a minute. Most of Henderson's independent projects were produced under his  own  LA  based  labels,  At  Home  Productions  and  Angel  City  Records.  A side  point:  Reebie  Jackson's Centipede  project, which Henderson co-produced  with Michael Jackson, went nearly platinum with more than

900,000 records sold.


Wayne Henderson has never opted for self-promotion; however, he is responsible for the careers of many name acts. It is important to mention that artists like Ronnie Laws have enjoyed productive careers as a result of the business support provided by Henderson. For instance, Henderson secured Laws' first record deal; the same can be said of Hiroshima and Reebie Jackson. Henderson  has modestly taken the rear seat and has been content to captain the ship behind the scenes.


Listed below are a few notable acts Wayne Henderson has produced or worked with: Dionne Warwick                                                         George Benson

Barry White                                                                 Diana Ross Nancy Wilson                                                              Pleasure Jimmie Smith                                                                             Four Tops Pancho Sanchez                                                           Willie Bobo Side Effect                                                                           Vanessa Rubin Stanley Turentine                                                        Letta M'Bulu Bobby Womack                                                           Dramatics Love Unlimited Orchestra                                                    Joe Cocker

Esther Phillips                                                                Michael Jackson

Miki Howard                                                                Eloise Laws

King Curtis                                                                    Roy Ayers

Hugh Masekela


During this period, Henderson's passion to experiment acquired even more momentum. With funk and R&B as popular as ever in the 70s, an opportunity arose for Henderson to experiment further and to stretch the limits of his progressive creative instincts. The result? The first ever vocal groove by Jazz Crusaders/Crusaders: "Keep That Same Old  Feeling," an epoch-making  track on Those Southern Nights, an album  that manifests  choice elements  of soul, funk,  R&B, and the pulse of it all, jazz. When Henderson exhibited  his writing and vocal prowess on this song, it signaled the beginning of vocal inclusions into the sound of America's premier jazz­ fusion  band. To this  day "Keep  That Same  Old  Feeling"  can  be heard almost  every month  on some  radio stations  around the country. Soon thereafter, at Henderson's urging, "Street  Life" and other slamming  tracks featured vocalists on recordings and in performance.


It also became apparent in the 70s that times were quickly changing and that the direction of music would alter. The result was a focus on expanding their fan base, Henderson's clever recommendation  to discontinue  using Jazz  in the groups  name, and that they go by the single designation,  Crusaders.  With  great reluctance,  the members acquiesced to the name adjustment, thus freeing them from the shackles of identification  as strictly a jazz group. As their horizons  widened, their transitional  jazz appeal accelerated  to the degree that they were invited to share the limelight with major acts from diverse genres, including top rock legends, Rolling Stones. As if joined at the hips, Henderson style jazz and pure funk grew like Siamese twins. This fusion phenomenon has caught  on the world  over, with  not just a few  top artists citing  as one of their  inspirations  the  Wayne Henderson  led Crusaders/Jazz  Crusaders.  From  Wynton  and Branford Marsalis  to Carlos Santana,  a striking cross-section of marquee artists direct deserving accolades to Henderson and company.


When the 80s arrived, a new ingredient was added to the Crusaders musical potpourri       the hip-hop  brigade. Henderson  (co-creator  of  funk-fusion  and  jazziphop)  could  see  the  handwriting  on  the  wall. These  epic productions would revolutionize  the recording industry on every continent and urban music culture would never be the same. This experimental  undertaking has produced  some of the more interesting artists and innovative sounds in recent memory. At last tracking, Jazz Crusaders/Crusaders were one ofthe most sampled jazz-fusion entities in this hemisphere. Henderson believes that rap is basically "poetry put to a hip-hop beat; not all bad,


and it's not all good." "Depending on the message it conveys," say's Henderson, "rap can be fun to listen to and perform. The spoken word can sometimes, because of its serious nature, be more effective than words that are sung." Henderson is not swift to dismiss new innovations, and is willing to travel new paths because a new direction is what spurred the initial success of Jazz Crusaders. Although the be-bop of Dizzy and the classic jazz of Blakey served as influences, Henderson and company formed their own identity by coalescing styles in different eras and genres.


Eventually, the direction that the group pursued required a guitarist to be a part of the equation. The inimitable

Larry Carlton was the obvious choice to accentuate the Crusaders sound in the 70s.


As members of  the  group  opted  for solo  outings, Henderson chose to  resurrect the  original label, Jazz Crusaders, in order to establish a clear identity from other members who might be pursuing solo careers. On his latest project, two of the four original members participate with other select musicians.


Wayne Henderson's latest production is a spine tingling collaborative that will leave you, for the most part, spellbound. Different from the rigid, unyielding, watered down concoctions of much of today's smooth jazz, Henderson's objective is to preserve the style that reflects the enthusiasm of funk-fusion while interspersing light jazz, smooth jazz. "Let  your  ears  taste  the  music like your  palate  tastes  food!"  is the expression Henderson uses to convey his feelings about the songs on his evocative CD, Soul Axess, the newest project from Jazz Crusaders featuring Wayne Henderson, on the True Life Jazz label. The contents of Soul Axess, though slightly altered from previous projects, retain the same kind of vitality that characterizes a Wayne Henderson production. Songs such as "Clima Sauve (a smooth jazz feel)," "Trail of the Sidewinder," "Goin BukYld," "All  that Jazz & Razzamatazz," and "Ya  Gotta Respect Yourself," are but a few of the varied compositions that you will savor on this CD.  Other tunes, like "Down Yonder," have a thumping gospel feel, although they are substantively fusion. But when you hear the stunning rendition of "Over The Rainbow," your emotions will well up to overflow! As Henderson explains, "the difference in some secular and gospel tunes is the words, the lyrics." On this album you will fmd ripe samplings of standards done in a manner that you have never before heard.


A prolific lyricist, Henderson composed and performed "The Young Rabbits," the title song featured in Muhammad Ali's  Academy Award-winning documentary When We Were Kings. His performance in Zaire opened  the  musical  segment  of  Ali/Foreman's  Rumble In The  Jungle. He  also  played drums  on  Hugh Masekela's double platinum "Grazing in the Grass."


Henderson, a TSU (Houston) alumnus who presently resides in Los Angeles, has always focused on the new generation of musicians and singers. He feels that to keep pace with progressive music styles requires a stretching of the  boundaries of traditional sounds, just as it was for Miles, Coltrane, Parker, Blakey, and Ellington. Their innovations were updated versions of previous musical forms, but with their own 'twists' and flavor.

Supporting Artist/Band

Support: The Ronnie Scotts All Stars

+ support tonight: The Ronnie Scotts All Stars with Special Guest vocalists Emma Smith (Mon) and Natalie Williams (Tues) 

Monday's band line up: Alex Garnett (tenor sax), James Pearson (piano), Sam Burgess (bass) and Ed Richardson (drums).

Tuesday's band line up: is Alex Garnett (tenor sax), James Pearson (piano), Sam Burgess (bass) and Chris Higginbottom


The Ronnie Scott's All Stars are comprised of some of  the greatest talents on the U.K scene, including some of our most regular performers James Pearson (piano), Sam Burgess (bass) and Pedro Segundo (drums)

James Pearson:-

Musical Director at Ronnie Scott’s and the owner of a ferocious piano technique coupled with a sense of musicality rarely heard, James Pearson is one of the most exciting musicians to have emerged from the U.K in the last 25 years. After working with him, the late jazz legend Sir John Dankworth declared: "James Pearson is an exceptionally gifted artist. His masterful playing makes him head and shoulders above the rest of his contemporaries. He shows signs of true greatness".

Sam Burgess:- 

Double Bass Despite only being in his early 30’s, already Sam is a stalwart of the UK jazz scene. As well as appearing on numerous film soundtracks such as 'Bridget Jones's Diary' and 'Hannibal'. Sam’s thumping, pounding, relentlessly driving bass lines have been heard accompanying the likes of Bob James, Billy Kilson, Gary Novak, Joe Lock, Dave Kekowski, Guy Barker, Dave O'Higgins, Pete King, Gareth Williams, Claire Martin, Jim Mullen, Alan Barnes, Tim Whitehead, John Horler, Gwyneth Herbert, John Dankworth, The BBC Big Band and Robbie Williams. 

Pedro Segundo:-

At 22 years old Pedro Segundo, Portuguese drummer joins the James Pearson Trio at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

Born and raised in Lisbon, picked up the drums seriously at the age of eight starting studying classical percussion a year later. In June 2011 he graduates from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in Timpani and Classical Percussion. His musical ability combines a blend of styles creating a unique sound on the drum set. He has played regularly with Dennis Rollins, Femi Temowo, Mário Franco, Cleveland Watkiss and many other artists touring in festivals all around the globe.

Other regular performers include:

Dave Ohm (drums), Natalie Williams (vocals), Alex Garnett (sax), Nigel Price (guitar), Steve Rushton (drums), Polly Gibbons (vocals), Alistair White (trombone), Gary Baldwin (hammond), Al Cherry (guitar), Matt Home (drums), Alan Barnes (sax), Ralph Salmins (drums), Arnie Somogyi (bass), Mark Smith (bass), James Nisbet (guitar), Pete Long (sax), Gerard Presencer (Trumpet), Dave O’Higgins (sax), Alec Dankworth (bass), Steve Fishwick (trumpet) and others...

To find out more, please go to:


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Dates: Wednesday 16th October - Saturday 19th October Ticket Prices: £25.00 - £45.00
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